Easter Puja Seminar, Prescott AZ - April 19-21, 2019

Easter is extremely symbolic, of – not only of Christ, but also for all of us. In that the most important day is that of resurrection. The resurrection of Christ has the message of Christianity, not the cross. Through resurrection Christ had shown that one can be resurrected with the body that you have. And without His resurrection, we could not have managed the crossing of Agnya chakra, no doubt. 

Shri Mataji, Easter Puja, Kolkata , 1995

It is with tremendous joy that our Phoenix Collective invites you to our Arizona Easter Puja Seminar – April 19-21, 2019, up in the scenic hills of Prescott, Arizona.  We humbly request you to join us as we collectively offer our devotion and profound thanks to Shri Mataji and all the Deities. This seminar is open to established yogis and yoginis from all national and international collectives.

Please find information below on our puja registration fees, seminar agenda and registration process.  To help make our seminar successful, we humbly request you to complete your registration by 30th March 2019 so we can advise the camp ground on numbers for food, etc, since there is a limited occupancy.  Please do mention any dietary needs and/or restrictions on our registration page so that we can advise the camp ground in a timely manner.

The camp ground is located on a hillside, with a stream at the base of the hill.  It is adjoining a National Park and is in a beautiful pine forest. It consists of heated wooden huts with bunk beds.  The toilet and shower blocks with hot showers are in separate huts so a flashlight is necessary. Water is trucked in so please do use water sparingly.  There is a large fire pit and wood for havan and treatments. Being so close to a National Park and having wooden huts we do need to be aware of fire dangers and to be very careful not leave unattended candles or flames anywhere in the camp ground. There are also different activity areas throughout the camp site.  The camp ground is catering all our meals for us but we will be providing snacks, etc.

Please note that the camp ground does not allow any pets and all children must be under adult supervision at all times.

If you wish to participate in any of the evening cultural activities, or if you have any questions regarding the seminar please do let us know by contacting us at:  azsahajayoga@gmail.com

Puja Registration Fees

Adults/Working Yuvas - USD $108

Seniors/Non Working Yuvas- USD $80

Children (5-13) USD $80

Children (under 5) Free

Registrations are closed. Please contact azsahajayoga@gmail.com for anything.

Seminar Location

Camp Wamatochick

5101 S Senator Highway

Prescott, AZ 86303

Seminar Details