Sahaja Yoga was founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, a renowned spiritual guru, hailing from India (March 21, 1923 – Feb 23, 2011).  Her parents were actively involved in the struggle for Indian independence, and she would later join the battle herself as a young woman. She frequently stayed with Mahatma Gandhi in his ashram, consulting with him on spiritual matters. Shri Mataji would go on to study medicine at the Christian Medical College in Ludhiana and the Balakram Medical College in Lahore.
The unique and profound spiritual achievement of Sahaja Yoga could only be made possible through a technique that allows humans to connect to the universal collective consciousness. Shri Mataji first accomplished this feat in 1970 on a beach near Mumbai, realizing the special gift she had and in those moments, established the very purpose of her life. Shri Mataji made this spiritual connection accessible to all human beings. Having achieved this breakthrough, she then developed the technique through which anyone’s Kundalini energy could be raised, spontaneously and with little effort, through a sequence of simple steps with no prerequisites, “tests,” or previous experience required.

The growth of Sahaja Yoga across the world

Shri Mataji embarked upon a journey, first touring the United Kingdom, teaching small groups of people how to achieveSelf-Realization.  Soon, she began traveling world-wide, making spirituality through Sahaja Yoga accessible to all who were interested, showing others how to achieve Self-Realization through the practice of Sahaja Yoga with tangible, verifiable results. Her goal was to spread a message of peace and love across the globe.
She toured the U.S. in 1973, but didn’t succeed in spreading her message to a large number of Americans. But in 1983, she returned to the U.S. and was successful in helping many Americans discover the Inner Self and embark upon their own spiritual journeys. Throughout the 80s and 90s, she toured America frequently, giving lectures and radio interviews and participating in medical conferences. She was nominated twice for the Nobel Peace prize.
Today, the Sahaja Yoga form of meditation is practiced routinely all across America, and Americans can receive the benefits of this powerful spiritual practice in their own homes, rather than needing to seek spirituality in the Himalayas or other remote places. And for many Americans, meditation through Sahaja Yoga has become a lifestyle choice, a routine part of family life.
Shri Mataji remains in spirit as the loved and respected “Mother” and revered spiritual guru in the hearts of Sahaja Yoga practitioners all across the world, one who dedicated a special gift towards the betterment of human beings throughout her life.

Shri mataji - a life dedicated to humanity

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi founded Sahaja Yoga in 1970 in India. Since then, she traveled extensively throughout the world, offering free public lectures and the experience of 'self-realization' to all, regardless of race, religion or circumstance.
She not only enabled people to pass this valuable experience on to others, but taught the meditation technique necessary to sustain it, known as Sahaja Yoga. Know More..